A plan to inform families of their child s stages of cognitive development

Informing and Engaging Families

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In their own Cognitive course, staff members learned about typical child development and the experiences that promote optimum development and learning. You should continue reinforcing staff members' learning in their own classrooms or programs.

Maintain open communication with families on what materials you are providing to support their child's cognitive development.

Attachment theory

Infants' and toddlers' families are their first teachers, and their family's culture is integral to their development. A Plan To Inform Families Of Their Child S Stages Of Cognitive Development. 1 Cognitive development is the methods in which a person learns and how they develop from a child to an adult.

There are many theories about cognitive development but in each of those theories there are some things that stay the same such as that there are stages and/or periods of development.

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A plan to inform families of their child s stages of cognitive development
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