Development of the modern submarine

Rising tide: Submarines and the future of undersea warfare

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National Museum of the U.S. Navy

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The Modern Submarine

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The Modern Submarine

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We need to hone our science and technology, research and development, and acquisition processes to ensure that we have the right capabilities for the future.

The advances in technology, both inside and outside the hull of our subma upon the Submarine Force’s rich historical legacy to instill a sense of pride and professionalism among. The Development of the Modern Submarine Since the invention of the submarine, all water travel and warfare have dramatically changed.

A submarine is an underwater vessel that men have transformed since it was first introduced to being a perfect underwater machine that moves like a fish.

The development of submarine-launched ballistic missile and submarine-launched cruise missiles gave submarines a substantial and long-ranged ability to attack both land and sea targets with a variety of weapons ranging from cluster bombs to nuclear weapons.

They were the forerunners of modern submarine-launched cruise missiles. The submarine became a potentially viable weapon with the development of the first practical self-propelled torpedoes.

The Whitehead torpedo was the first such weapon, and was designed in by British engineer Robert Whitehead.

Development of the modern submarine Essay

development of the craft, even though his model displayed some of the best features of any submarine up to that time. 1B3, The Confederate "Davids". Development of the submarine boat was held back during all of this period by lack of any adequate means of propulsion.

Development of the Modern Submarine The first submarine used in combat () was invented in by David Bushnell, an American. This vessel was a small, egg-shaped craft constructed of wood and operated by one man who turned a propeller.

Development of the modern submarine
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History of submarine development