Stock market development economic growth

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Stock Market Development: Its Impact on the Economic Growth in Nigeria

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Stock Market Development: Its Impact on the Economic Growth in Nigeria

Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Belgium Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh⁄ New York University Stern School of Business Frans Buelens University of Antwerp.

growth in terms of market capitalization, trading volume and liquidity registered by the stock market in India during that time simultaneously with near double digit economic growth, our focus is primarily to.

The study revealed that stock market development has a negative impact on economic growth in the long-run and this was confirmed by the causality test that there do not exist any relationship. growth, and market capitalization ratio (MCR) is used as a proxy for stock market development.

The results of this study support that the stock market performance plays a major role in economic growth. Evolution of stock market development and economic growth in Africa The level of stock market development varies greatly in Africa as shown in Fig.

1. Based on the data on the market capitalisation to GDP forit is found that during this time, the market capitalisation to GDP was highest in South Africa at percent.

I will be focusing on the stock market aspect of financial development in this piece. But how exactly does stock market development induce economic growth?

A developed stock market mobilises more domestic savings and aids in the efficient allocation of these savings to productive investments.

Stock market development economic growth
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Stock Market and Economic Growth in Eastern Europe — Economics E-Journal